Who We Are

Conditions For Learning is an educational organization that works to increase student achievement, reduce referrals and suspensions, and increase teacher retention. Our vision is to position urban schools as vibrant centers of learning and social change for students, families, and communities.

Our Mission

To transform urban classrooms into environments where students are responsible, respectful, and have a vested interest in learning and working together.

Our Approach

Transforming urban classrooms requires a consistent focus on nine key strategic areas which combine academic rigor with students′ personal and social development. These nine strategic areas are categorized into three main structures:

Engaging Instruction

  • Lesson Design and Delivery
  • Rational Discipline
  • Structuring Interaction

Responsive Classrooms

  • Formative Assessment
  • Differentiation
  • Cross-Age Tutoring

Inspiring Curriculum

  • Standards Based Units
  • Project Based Learning
  • Service Learning

We work to instill these strategies through on-site training, classroom demonstrations, and coaching and collaboration with teachers, students, families, support staff, tutors, administrators and community based organizations.

Specifically, we work with teachers, administrators and educational stakeholders to:

  • Design strategies for creating and managing respectful climates for learning
  • Improve achievement in all academic areas through planning and instruction anchored to content standards
  • Decrease student suspensions and referrals by demonstrating effective strategies that support students′ decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities
  • Increase teacher retention through collaborative planning, problem solving, and instructional support